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This sword represents the Viking sword in its fully developed form with heavy pommel of swelled "brazil nut" form balancing its broad blade and providing a seat for the heel of the hand, enhancing control. The blade is impressed with a cross potent one side and an unidentified figure on the other, perhaps an S. Both were probably inlaid in silver or gold originally, now perished. This sword compares to an example in the Danish National Museum, found in Denmark, illustrated and discussed in Records of the Medieval Sword, Oakeshott, page 55. That sword is dated 1075(?)-1150 and bears an inscription which includes the Viking slanted S character which may be the character on the reverse of our blade. A sword in the Royal Armouries, #IX-1081. Illustrated in European Swords and Daggers in the Tower of London, pl.1c accords with this example in detail including the form of the pommel and the wide fullers to the blade. The only difference between that sword and this, is the width of its cross guard, 8.27", 22.5% broader that our example, a difference which is identified as transitional from the Viking to the Medieval knightly sword of the early Crusades. By extension, this example represents an earlier step in the evolution placing it firmly in the Viking era and probably closer to the 1050 date.
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