This fine sword has a well published corollary in the collection of the Royal Armouries at Leeds, formerly the Tower of London, #IX.16, cataloged as possibly English. Both swords have blades of identical proportions. Both blades incorporate a swelled blunt edged segment, (inlaid both sides in this example with a latten running wolf mark.) comprising the first approximately 7 of the blade which allowed for the sword to be gripped with the left hand below the guard, in addition to the conventional two hand grip. This sword is designed for thrusting and capable of beaching lighter elements of armor including those for the extremities. The complex defense of the neck, articulated gorget, overlapped by helmet lames and the breastplate top roll, make it a particularly vulnerable target. Its provision for gripping below the guard is indicative of a fighting technique which evolved in response to full encasement armor yet to be studied. Even without that feature, it epitomizes the Late Medieval sword in it finest form. Blade length: 34 Provenance: Viktor Monetti Collection GC.022 GC022 GC 022

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