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A distinct variation with fully developed cup of forged iron as contrasted with the skeletal cups comprised of joined bars most usually encountered. Additionally, the forward portion of the cup rises with the knuckle bow. Norman refers to this as boat form, hilt 91 and few enough examples exist that he must rely on portraits and two excavated hilt elements for information. Of the few actual examples known, it appears that only one, in the Museum of London accords with this example and the Norman pattern. All others are either made without the forward quillon, or have additional bars above the right side of the guard. This has an iron hilt with pierced scallops forming arches along the guard edge, above a rank of larger arches, each pierced with a cross motif. The circular guard center is chiseled with matching arches as is the inverted pear shaped pommel. The workmanship is typical for English examples and this one may have been produced in Hounslow. 38 1/2" length blade outside the guard.

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