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Very large iron hilt for the gauntleted hand with recurved cross guard, connecting side bars connected to the lower guard bars with a clutching hand and interior lower guard with pierced and chiseled foliate panel. The corresponding panel from the left side lacking. Wire wrapped grip. Iconic faceted inverted pear shaped pommel. 38 7/8” diamond section blade with inset lateen mark of pincers each side. That mark is of the Wirsberg family and may be seen on a rapier of 1620, A640, Wallace Collection, by Johannes Wirsberg. The ricasso bears a further oval mark each side. The Pappenheimer represents the rapier as it evolved at the time of the Thirty Years' War (1618-48). It is in a real sense, the fully developed form of the swept hilt rapier. See Rapiers, Valentine, 20, for a comparable example, which was in our own collection and is considered the benchmark for the form.

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