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This helmet is made from a single piece of iron elegantly shaped with the skull rising to a backswept stalk and the brim rakishly raised in the back and near horizontal at the front. It is decorated on each side with embossed scenes from classical mythology. The right side depicts the legend of the Trojan horse and the left, the abduction of the Sabine women. Helmets of this quality were worn by the personal guards of wealthy noble and royal persons. They, along with the attendant armor and weapons, were displays of wealth which equated to power. As well, treachery was common and personal guards, chosen from the best and most trusted, often relatives, were necessary for survival.

Helmets of this type and quality are included in many public collections including the Wallace Collection and Royal Armory at Leeds. This example is distinguished by its particularly fine form best demonstrated in the flow of the brim.

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