From 1618 to 1648, northern Europe was engulfed in a war which resulted in staggering death and destruction. In Germany, half of the males and a third of the total population died. Thousands of villages and castles were razed to the ground Militarily, it was the period of the decline in armor resulting from more effective and wider spread use of firearms.  Iron hilt. The guard with a ring to the right filled with a solid shell and thumb ring to the left. Swelled knuckle bow matching the side ring. Large spherical pommel providing particularly good balance with button notched in the Spanish taste. Wire wrapped grip. 31 1/2" d.e. blade of flattened diamond section at the forte, marked IN MINI and chiseled with the running wolf both sides. Uniform aged condition with dark patina throughout. Some light pitting to the hilt. The blade with some medium pitting and a linear impact mark to the mid point, possibly struck by a mace. The inscription and marks quite crisp. Classic example and type which was carried in Colonial America as well.

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