One of the most widely produced Confederates swords, this pattern, with small variations was produced by Thomas Griswold, (New Orleans), Thomas Leech (Memphis), William McElroy (Macon) and others. It is patterned after the French M.1822 which was also the inspiration for the US M.1840. In this example, the indications of Confederate manufacture are clear. The 31 3/4 blade is unmarked and bears a fairly uniform light tool finish having never been polished bright as with US and French examples. The hilt shows small casting flaws including a small slightly raised surplus on the left side of the guard resulting from minor damage to the mold when the pattern was pulled. As well, the finish of the smooth surfaced show light but distinct sand pattern texture. The overall character is as most desirable for its group with good uniform aging including some isolated verdigris to the hilt.

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