A curious variation of a weapon once common in the streets. Heavy malacca haft and matching wood hilt. 13 7/8 d.e. blade of narrow fullered rapier form. Silvered top cap, and joint ring. The base with a thickened malacca shoe and the grip with opposing silver grommets for a wrist thong. Those features are clear indication (and meant as deterrents) that the stick was not intended to assist the owner walking, but in fact it was gripped secured to the wrist, at the ready. This is a weapon in hand for immediate use, probably by a merchant working in the seedier parts of town where an attack was likely. Sword canes are frequently mounted with blades of this scale as they were not for sword fighting, but for defending against a threat or attack with knife or cosh (club) at face to face range. This is, in fact, a large dagger thinly disguised as a walking stick. Blade gray with minor speckles, Shaft with a few old closed shrink cracks.

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