From the 17th century until the Opium Wars of 1839, Chinese export porcelain was produced and shipped to Europe and America. 18th century production is characterized by heavy proportions with minor finishing imperfections such as tool marks and small chips glazed over and fired. The technique of knife faceting edges before firing is common as well. Decoration consists of quaint hastily painted blue coastal village scenes incorporating temples and arched bridges. Glazes typically have minor pin point imperfections. It was hastily produced and relatively inexpensive in its day and thus, would adorn the tables of the working class. The following are 18th century examples with imperfections as mentioned including very small surface flakes or chips which is typical for these when encountered. Examples without them are exceptions commanding a very substantial premium and several are included in the following as these are from our own collection which was selected carefully. A recent article on the subject stated that plates with chips and scratches command $150.00 and up. We've priced these substantially below that market level. 5 7/8" diameter. Rain cloud edge with coastal scene including pagodas, triple arch bridge, willow trees, boats etc. rendered smaller with a larger vacant border. Glaze irregularities as expected including tiny bare spot to the edge but no damage.

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