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Among antique weapons, a few stand as true icons. The Scottish two-hand sword, Claymore, is such an icon. They are rarer than Stradivarius violins, and, like Stradivarius violins, each genuine surviving example is named.   This example exudes all the romance of those National Treasures. It replicates a sword of about 1490-1530, with a 38 ¾” unfullered blade and a total length of 52 ¾”. The hilt is iron with a black leather-covered grip. One side of the pommel is slightly flattened with a small area of pitting. That degradation is as typically found on two-hand swords, resulting from debris accumulation, when they are hung high in the great halls of manor houses and left unattended for centuries. You won’t find a genuine example and you probably won’t find a better substitute than this.
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