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Received the two swords today via UPS and am extremely pleased with both. I find both swords to be beautiful and incredible examples of their respective times in history. It is truly amazing what swordsmiths were able to do with the most simple of hand tools, creating swords that could survive the wars and skirmishes of the day but also the passing of the centuries.

Thank you for the finest packing that I have encountered in a long, long time. The crating ensured that both swords arrived in perfect condition. Your care in packing shows me, and other clients I'm sure, your desire to assure that the next 'steward' of the swords, and other items you carry, will receive their newest acquisition in exquisite condition. I cannot thank you enough.

I now own three wonderful rapiers, all of which I have purchased from Fagan Arms. The quality of items you carry is truly remarkable and I feel very privileged to own a few.

Vance G.
Quilcene, WA