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Indian maiden pattern (1821 pattern, Peterson #69) with specific South Carolina theme. Fully modeled Indian Maiden pommel. The counter guard with the Indian maiden with bow and arrow is repeated in full figure. She holds a staff mounted by a Liberty cap, obscured by a palmetto. Behind, a stars & bars shield with a broad ribbon gracefully forming an X obscuring it. To the left, the American eagle is below a cluster of stars. Wire bound fluted MOP grip, the top back nub surface flaked. 31 1/2" broad fullered s.e. blade with foliage, military trophy decoration and the officer's initials. Blade with superficial edge nicks and frosty oxidation speckles. This sword is related to a silver hilted example from the legendary Medicus collection which mounts an identical counter guard, evidently cast from the same master pattern. That example bears a presentation inscription, in French, dated January 3, 1838, to Capt. V. Durand of the French Artillery, Charleston, from five of his subordinate officers. The Indian maiden pattern is widely considered among the most beautiful and desirable of American swords, a view reinforced by the caption introducing the silver example cited: The Most Beautiful South Carolina Presentation Sword in Existence. This example shares that beauty and the specific South Carolina provenance.

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