9 1/2" diameter. One of the least understood of all weapons is the Indian throwing ring knife variously known as the chakram, chakra, chakar, chakram quoit, quoit, and probably others. Generally thought to be the exclusive provenance of the Sikhs, Egerton shows a broad bladed example of 6" diameter in his landmark 1880 study identified as Aboriginal and non-Aryan Tribes of Central India and the Andaman Islands (#64, pg. 73 & 78.). These generally are called the wild tribes and are known to have produced fine metal work in their weapons, particularly battle axes. Allowing for a broader use of the chakram explains the vast variation in construction and quality encountered. Further, it seems quite likely that the Sikhs (founded in 1469) may have adapted the weapon from the refugees of the earlier Aryan invasion. Egerton contradicts his earlier information on page 128 where he states that the arm that is exclusively peculiar to this sect (Sikhs) is the quoit, but goes on to remove any doubt that it is a true weapon and used in battle. This example is provincially made and a bit out of round supporting the wild tribe attribution.
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