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Dutch Auction

In a Dutch Auction, an item is offered at a price which is incrementally reduced until a bid is offered, which then closes the auction and the item is sold. The system originated with the Tulip Frenzy of the 17th century and remains a basic marketing tool in Europe.

Each day for the month of May we will post an item from our stock starting at 10% below the original price (just to make it interesting) and reduce the price by 1% each day. After two weeks it will be 25% off and in 30 days, 40% off (if it lasts that long)! At any point you may buy at the prevailing price by simply submitting your order through our automated system. All sales are in accordance with our usual terms of sale including extended payment options.

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SUDANESE DAGGER - started at $140.00
OVAL IRON TSUBA - started at $335.00
SLIGHTLY OVAL IRON TSUBA - started at $325.00