The metal brooches worn by Vikings served as jewelry, often with spiritual significance, as well as a form of personal protection. Worn in multiples attached to leather or heavy wool jerkins, metal brooches were capable of absorbing a sword blow without failure. This example, is among the largest we have seen at 3 ¾” height and 2.0 oz weight. It was made by the lost wax process. An original pattern was made of bee’s wax (44 individual pieces by our count) and wax sprues and risers were attached to distribute the molten metal. The whole was then coated in a very fine clay slurry in repeated applications. The coated pattern was then encased in a clay sand mixture and allowed to dry.  When cured, the mold was filled with molten bronze which vaporized the wax in its path. After cooling, the completed brooch was hand finished and ready for plating. This example has been refurbished and mounted as a pendant with the pure silver and 24karat gold surfaces restored. It is suspended from a woven polished leather neck cord with Sterling silver mounts for modern wear with certificate of authenticity.   A Viking masterpiece, over 1000 years old!
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